I think water’s interesting… Maybe that’s just me.
  • It’s very fluid, and never stops moving.
  • It’s constantly moving, adjusting to the environment it’s in.
  • It fills in the cracks, and can freeze, cracking it even more — maybe even shattering it.
  • It’s basic… it’s part of life, and it’s constantly recycled, and restored, and renewed.
  • Entire oceans can be affected by the moon.
  • Humans are about 74% water.
  • Have you ever thought how we might be affected by the moon?
  • If we want a glass of water, it’s not going to fill itself necessarily. You can hope for it, pray for it, wish for it, try imposing your will on it, or visualizing the water going into the class… But in the end, you need to fill the glass yourself.
  • The glass can be half full, or half empty.
  • It can save us from dying, or cause us to die.
  • We need to have the right amount, and at the right times.
  • It can be flavoured, and mixed, or blended, or bland.
  • It can turn into vapour, breathed out through the mouth.
  • The glue that holds together a castle of sand.
  • It slips through your fingers, but sticks to your skin.

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