Thoughts on guns…

How would you react if somebody carried a gun for protection… All the time. Maybe they’re a cop, whatever, maybe not, whatever, it doesn’t matter. But would you say, “You’re just being paranoid. Put that thing away.”?

Somebody would.

But what if you got attacked, and they were with you? You’d say, “Whoa!! Thank God you had that gun with you!” Why is it okay then?Nowww you’re thanking them, you just criticized them for having it 2 hours ago.

Guns aren’t used by most people… Even violent people. Maybe if they’re hard criminals, or cops, but I know a lot of streetfighters who don’t ever use guns. The most preferred weapon is a switchblade knife. Personally, they’re not my favourite, but I have carried one before.

And from a martial artist point of view, would guns be cheating or unfair? People are still taught to use swords, or sai, and otherweapons. I don’t think it’s completely necessary to bring those, since you couldn’t conceal a lot of those kinds of weapons too easily. But then again, my favourite weapon is a pair of nunchucks, but I have my own methods for being able to have those around me.

People think I’m crazy for having a pair of nunchucks sometimes, even if I tell them that I like to practice and street perform from time to time. I’ve almost needed to use them before… I lucked out because my cousin knew the guys. One of the guys he knew was carrying the BIGGEST switchblade I’ve ever seen, and then we get into this discussion about weapons and stuff. Funnily enough, my cousin brought up I had nunchucks on me, which I was kinda pissed about since I had them concealed — as in I didn’t want people to f’ing know about them.

I don’t think guns are bad, and I don’t have any problems with traditional martial arts weapons. But I think that they need to be accepted as a legitimate option at some point. I’ll probably get gun training whenever I can, I’ll start looking into it, and learn how to use them and get one.


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