20-1-1! Get ‘Er Done!!

Wow, I really love my grad class 🙂 They’re all great people. I seriously don’t think there’s ever gonna be another class that has the amount of kindness, and respect, and is more united, and affected each others’ lives (and the staff’s) like we have.

20-1-1! Get ‘Er Done!

We got 3 teachers to come up to a stage and talk about us (1 more later the next morning). Any other class literally couldn’t have possibly gotten all of them speak… It’s a long story, but in short, St. Joe’s Elementary alumni kick ASS! And we’re just great students in general.

We’ve had a lot of students drop out one year, only to come back… Or in my case, my classmates cared so much about you that they actually convinced me to stay! That’s love, dude. We even have new students joining us for the grad year, which I’m really happy about. And I don’t wanna put the down the people who left our class, but honestly some of them just weren’t good people. At least not since the last time I’ve seen them. Maybe they’ve changed?

But there’s no huge animocity for people anymore (or at least not like it used to be…) We were at each others’ throats — vicious. Rumours were spread, I’ve been embarrassed and humiliated, people fought, and were depressed, and I always noticed that people were always really angry, and bitter… I still sort of notice it. Our school sucks, but the 20-1-1 class is just impressive.

No class is can top ours. It’s impossible. We have more unique, insightful, talented, intelligent, compassionate people than I’ve ever seen or heard about… And plus we’re more fun to hang out with. Seriously, lots of people are just boring. They don’t do anything, and they complain about how stupid things are. If you’re gonna complain then at least have a good reason, and stop being a douchebag.

I’m glad I stayed with this class… I’m not abandoning them. I’ll always have their back, and I know they’ll have mine too. They could just call me up, and if someone’s bothering them, I’ll go up to that person and give ’em a swift kick to the nuts! They probably deserved it.

So, in short, no class can top the 20-1-1. Or is ever going to. Or ever has. We’re just the best.


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