Spartans vs. Ninjas

Okay, well, this is old news, but I’m kind of pissed about the results. I’m heavily biased and I think ninjas should’ve won… Those guys representing the ninjas were great martial artists, but I’m not sure they actually knew that much about ninjas.

Besides the obvious facts that the battle was imbalanced…

  • Open areas
  • Daytime
  • Ninja jumping out of the tree made no sense

There were a lot of things wrong.

Unnecessary Acrobatics

Fights don’t usually end up looking that fancy.. I’m sorry, but they just don’t. They hired an acrobat for that sequence, and not a martial artist. He’s doing unnecessary flips over logs, and he’s doing kip ups instead of rolling with the momentum. Martial artists don’t go on their backs, they stand up.

Good-Looking, But Bad Fighting

The ninja had the upper hand kicking his shield, and he held onto the chain still after the spartan grabbed it. Why? No offense, but from what I saw the ninja team could use the weapons, but they lacked a basic ninjitsu principle… You don’t fight on the line.

What “the line” you ask? Well, the line is like this:

o           o
/|\       /|\
/\    | /\

That line between them, that’s the line. You don’t fight there. You fight behind the other person, or you get him while he’s down. YOU have the 90% chance of winning, and are in control of the fight. From that line you only have a 50% chance of winning… He took his chance, and died.

Another principle the ninja didn’t follow is that Your Defense Is Your Offense. He’s blocking, but without any real retaliation. He got the spear out of his hand, but he didn’t do any damage, he just let himself get knocked back by the shield. It’s basics. Spears are just like punches, they go right for you, but they’re easy to get around.

ie. Take two weapons, one weapon to parry the spear, and the black egg; after you parry the spear, the spartan is going to be trained to knock you back with his shield, but the ninja can just move with the momentum of the shield and throw the egg. To move the ninja, he’ll need to extend his shield arm, leaving an opportunity to throw the egg full of glass in it. If he was good enough at dissolving movement then he wouldn’t let himself get knocked down.

The ninja also kept running around, and always looked worried. He never capitalized on his opportunities, he just took off.

I can’t say if the spartans fighting was the best or not, but I’m absolutely sure that the ninja could’ve been better represented.

The Weapons

The weapons were fair enough, not too many thoughts on this, but I think if he had a full arsenal like in the show then he would’ve overwhelmed the spartan. Mastering a few weapons like the spartans is admirable, and effective, but I’m not 100% on how spartans would react to weapons they’ve never seen before.


The spartan and the ninja look like they’re out of a comic book. I don’t know much about spartans, but at least he didn’t look like he was out of 300. But the ninja? Really? I wear a mask, but for fun. You don’t wear masks unless it’s specifically a stealth mission where you need to keep your identity secret, it obstructs your breathing. And in a time where bladed weapons exist, I don’t see why he doesn’t have armour on… Yes ninjas did happen to wear steel plating on under their robes.

How I Would’ve Fought

  1. Well, possibly hiding in a tree like in the beginning
  2. Shuriken to divert attention to tree
  3. Dropping either black eggs or blowgun, probably both – black eggs in the eyes, obstruct spartans vision, blowgun to damage and possibly blind or kill
  4. If spartan attacks me in the tree, he’s stupid since I have longer range weapons. I could just block or dodge.
  5. Assuming I’m accurate enough, the black eggs have left glass and possibly chili peppers in his eyes, the blow darts have hit his arms and face, and now I’m moving onto another weapon already – I’ll stick to what the ninja uses in this fight.
  6. Kusarigama. Weighted end to start pounding, sending the spartan into receiving mode (where he’s being defensive.)
  7. Jumping out of the tree, still attacking.
  8. Use bladed end of kusarigama, and ninjato. Attack spartan, spartan will try to block in some way. If with shield, I can deflect his spear while also dissolving the energy with a roll and sidestep in and stab or slash him. If with the spear, dissolve, sidestep the shield, stab or slash him — my goal is to sever his limbs.
  9. I can’t say for sure what the spartan will do, but I do know he’s predictable… Ninjas are unorthodox, and they bring way too much to the table.
  10. If all goes to plan, one of the spartans limb are severed, but he’ll still be eager to fight, and now he’s at a huge disadvantage. Proceed to use superior form to dismantle the spartan. Whether I need to sidestep the shield, parry the spear, or smash his helmet, he will be dead. Ninjas aren’t predictable and they’re highly effective, that’s their biggest asset, more-so than their formal weapons.

There’s a lot of scenarios I can go through, but in the end, I still think that ninjas would have prevailed.



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