Be honest with yourself

  • Are you pushing yourself too hard?
  • Are you just scared of failure?
  • Do you really agree with their opinion?
  • Did you make the right choice?
  • Do you think you’re good enough?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Are you lazy?
  • Have you really reached your limit?
  • Are you in over your head?
  • Do you undervalue yourself?
  • Are you afraid of dying?
  • Are you a good role model?
… Are you being honest?

Confusing, Contradictory, and Counter-Productive Nutrition and Diets

I`m a fan of learning new things… I love learning new things, especially when it’s a topic I believe will be helpful. So, I did a little peak performance and healthy living learning with some Tony Robbins programs… I was kind of surprised to hear a few things. I haven’t completed my research, but there’s a LOT of weird dietary/nutritional facts…

Speaking just about Tony’s products, here’s what I heard… Impartial list, no huge research done on all of it yet. So bare with me.

  • Don’t eat carbohydrates and proteins at the same time
  • Don’t eat meals with drinks, or immediately after
  • Don’t have dairy products
  • Oxygen prevents cancer
Now, I’m not saying they’re wrong, bad, or have negative impacts… But are they good? I looked into the dairy thing so far, and I’ve heard him explain the oxygen thing. The oxygen one made sense to me, and breathing is a requirement anyways, so getting more good air just seemed like a good idea.
But here’s the screwed up thing…
Animal-protein-rich things like milk contain calcium, and b-vitamins, and other good stuff like that… But it also causes osteoperosis due to calcium leeching from our bones. And it doesn’t surprise me, but it also contains growth hormones from cows that haven’t given birth yet, so then people start developing depression and little girls “grow up” faster. People who ingest cows milk are also ingesting those hormones, which are female, so then girls develop faster, and men become a little more moody and effeminate.
But then also eggs contain a lot of essential nutrients, but slow the intake of vitamin b-7 (biotin)… which you get from animal proteins.
And apparently soy is a cure-all, but also leads to womens’ thyroid issues, and kidney problems, etc.
You can’t have high-sugar fruits because of too much sugar. Diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

Eggs counter the proteins… Meats/dairy contain b-vitamins and female hormones… You can’t switch to soy… Some fruits are bad for you…

Apparently… The solution is becoming a vegan who doesn’t have soy and certain fruits.

Fuck. That.

Here’s my solution:

People around the world, from every culture, have more or less figured out what to eat. Nowadays, though, we have a bunch of “junk foods” which everyone already knows is bad for you anyways… But really, you already know what to eat.

Eat meats, fish, bread, pasta, fruits, veggies… etc. Drink milk, water, natural juices.

You get the picture. Eat healthy, and organic helps, since it doesn’t have chemicals.
And get plenty of exercise that you enjoy doing, and get lots of fresh air. It’s simple!!
You don’t need complex diets, or anything, you just need to avoid candy and soda and coffee is you can… I break this rule sometimes, I’m human. But I eat healthy most of the time. I don’t overeat, I eat when I’m hungry, and I feel like I’ve worked up a worthy hunger.
Seriously! You know the best things for yourself already.
  • Eat good food, when you need to
  • Exercise regularly
  • Breathe fresh air regularly
  • And all those other health-enhancing things…
It’s just about having the willingness to do them, and to be happy, and feel satisfied. They’re all factors.

Like a Book

I’ve seen the result of bad martial arts schools. 

And no, I’m not going to talk about how a lot of fighters are just bad, or how their moves aren’t very effective/legal. Or about how you’re supposed to train in a gi. Or even about how some are scams, and take your money… Or about how they brainwash you into thinking you should only study one martial art…

I’m talking about how static they are.

They’re predictable.

They like to train students a certain criteria, and attempt to make perfect clones like the person should be a martial arts robot.

And they train their students just the fighting, and not any mindset… The mindset is more important, in my opinion. Everything sort of comes down to the thoughts you have, and the decisions you make, which lead to what actions you perform.

It’s a Martial Art, and it should become a real art. It should really resonate with the Artist, and they should be allowed to stray from the curriculum.

What works for you, might not necessarily work for the guy next to you… Some people like Pepsi, some people like Coke, or if you’re like me you like both but try staying away from soda (uggghhhhh… it’s so good, but so unhealthy).

You don’t need to stick to just one martial art, or be very rigid with the way you do yours, you should make it your own.

If I go up against somebody trained in a school, I can almost always predict what kinds of things he’ll do, unless he’s really clever.

I’ll show you how easy it is to defeat a martial art…

Tae Kwon Do translated means:
“to strike or break with foot”

Karate translated means:
“empty hand”

That means a lot to me. That means that I need to mainly block kicks from the Tae Kwon Do guy, and maybe pick up a weapon against the Karate guy. And I also know how their movements works, since I’ve trained a little in both of them.

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean form of Karate, and they’re very direct. They like to use moves that move very straight. TKD has a certain stance, and a way of moving. So does Karate.

Kung Fu, on the other hand, means “hard work”. And they like very circular moves. However, they also have a shitload of branches, which I love. They have many stances, and ways of moving. I happen to know a lot of them.

MMA guys usually like to grapple, and have submissions, and study Muay Thai. Well, the trick is, don’t let them get you in a hold. Their stances very, but it’s usually just two fists by the face.

Krav Maga has a couple different stances, and I trained in it so I understand it more. It’s a very brutal martial art.

Judo/Jiujitsu. Judo is very grapple heavy, and jiujitsu is too but they have strikes.

Tai Chi is very flowing, and is done as a sort of meditation, but it can be applied to fighting really sneakily.

Capoeira is very extravagant… To say teh least.

Muay Thai/kickboxing is very direct. I understand a little more than that, but you get the point.

Some martial arts like Kyusho, and the one with the Dim Mak (death touch) try using arteries and pressure points. I don’t recommend them!!!

Ninjitsu is among my favourites, along with Kung Fu. Ninjitsu is all about being un-predictable. Their stances, and moves are so effective, and under-utilized! Aaaannnnndddd… Best of all. They’re not static.

They have an understanding of the human body and use it to their advantage. They understand the situation, and don’t always just try to brawl. They’re sneaky.

There’s a certain stance that makes you look like the victim. You can get arm-barred easily. There are nerve strikes. There are death strikes.

I met a guy whose Ninjitsu school invented a NEW kick – a counter to the roundhouse. They used it in a tournament against other martial arts, and it was undefeatable because nobody had ever seen it!

There’s just so many martial arts out there, and so many variations, you can’t just ignore them all. You should understand how it all works, have the basics down, and be able to adapt to any situation.

How do you counter something you’ve never seen before? Exactly.
Be aware of every move.

What Is Intent?

Focus + Will = Intent

Focus = where the spotlight is
Will = how bright the spotlight is

How to Not Get Arrested for Fighting

Well, I guess you could just not fight, but that’s not what this is about. Everybody’s always like, “Well don’t start shit!” My question for them is, “What if you’re getting mugged…?” Or even better, “What if you see somebody else getting mugged?”

Yeah, seriously. You could be seeing somebody get the crap beat out of them, somebody hoping to not get raped then you should probably help them. Someone could even try breaking into your house, so it might be nice to stop them. (Obviously.)

Did you know that even if a robber breaks into your house, but gets injured there, that you can be charged?

Ironically, there’s also another law somewhere that states that the robbers are responsible for themselves if they do that stuff… Once a home owner ended up killing somebody (a teenager actually… ouch). The other teen accomplices were actually been charged with the murder. Yeah, screwed up, right?

You can easily avoid going to jail… It’s sort of simple.

1. It depends on the situation, but try NOT striking people.
Striking is illegal, especially if you start it. A lot of martial arts counters involve strikes… It might also be helpful to mention that some martial arts were built to kill people in a war! We’re not really in feudal Japan, or part of the Israeli Defense Forces.

However, it’s okay to strike somebody if they’re going to kill you, rape you, has a weapon, or your life is truly in danger. Your response needs to be appropriate. You can’t shoot somebody for punching you in the face.

Learn how to handle people without hitting. Try talking it it out,  but if that fails, then going for locks and submissions really helps.

2. Don’t be an idiot.
If somebody throws popcorn at you, don’t punch them in the face. This actually happened, I just came out of a school dance one time, and I saw this happen.

If you have an opportunity to call the cops, you should probably take it… There are a lot of factors involved, like not seeing something coming, or if it suddenly escalates quickly, or if there’s a working phone around. But if there’s a really violent situation already happening, and you have a chance to call for help, you probably should.

Those are two pretty big ones, here are some smaller ones I’m too lazy to write about.

  • Run away (if there’s a gun, run in a zig-zag)
  • Pick up a weapon (you don’t need to use it, it’s just for being more intimidating)
  • Don’t fight (not always an option, but it helps)
  • Do the fighters give their consent? Fighting in a competition, or just for fun is usually okay within reason. (No really bad injuries, or deaths.) It helps… I like to spar for fun, and I practice with nunchucks at school, so I guess I can technically get the cops called on me. *ahem*
  • Get help. Obviously if you have a pack of dudes behind you then they won’t want to fight as much.

Are You a Streetfighter?

I hope you’re not. I used to call myself one all the time, but I actually just realized I’m more than that… Let’s face it, streetfighting is dangerous.

Some people might do it for fun, or by accident, or even for money, but you can get seriously hurt if it goes too far. But here’s the secret: don’t let it get that far.

I’m more than a streetfighter because I’ve studied interpersonal psychology (the one that studies how humans behave) for 2 years now, and learned how to build friendships and relationships especially from scratch. And more importantly, I’ve also been using what I’ve learned for those 2 years. I made a wise decision.

The most important thing you could do is learn how to interact with other people, and to actually do it of course… But if you know how to talk people down, or motivate them to do something, or how to get people on your side, then it means a lot more than just beating the crap out of somebody.

Fighting is only a small part of what you should do. I mean I train a LOT, I can train for hours at a time, and I also look up new moves, and think up new strategies, but fighting is still a small part of the equation…

Imagine this…

You’re walking down the street in a shady part of town and nobody messes with you… Why? How? Is it your self confidence? Can they automatically detect that you know martial arts? Maybe. Or maybe it’s something more than that.

Maybe it’s because of the way you dress, or the way you walk. Maybe it’s your eye contact with other people. Maybe it’s how you talk to other people, or just how many people you know, and you’re possibly hanging out with them right now. Maybe it’s because of your skin colour, or how tall/muscly/etc.

Or (this is my favourite) it’s your Reputation… My reputation as a fighter is pretty high right now, at least in parts of my city. It’s not like that by accident… I made it like that.

I haven’t had to be in a fight for about a year or two now. It’s a combination of everything, plus probably a couple more since I probably forgot some things. But you get the point, right?

I guess I’m a martial artist… An artist of military stuff. I might also be a good bouncer too. I don’t really know what it is, but I’m not necessarily a streetfighter…

I was helping to host a poker/boxing/birthday party last night, and my uncle was actually getting a little rough with his girlfriend and I had to step in. Now, just earlier that day, I actually told them what I wanted to do in the future. And that’s to be in the Olympics and to give self-defense advice.

But they knew I could throw down if I wanted, so when I moved in-between them and kept a close eye on her it helped a lot! She felt more safe, and my uncle backed off a little more (obviously he couldn’t put his hands on her anymore too…)

I didn’t even really need to speak, I was already the guardian. (Oh sh-t, I like that word.. Hmmmm.) I was the shield, and the negotiator, and all these other things. I didn’t need to fight.

The Secret Weak Spots On A Human Body

Supposedly this guy can knock somebody out with pure energy… I’ve tried stuff like this. I tested out a martial art called Kyusho for a while that worked mainly on arteries, and I’ve even used Ninjitsu nerve strikes.

But here’s a secret… They don’t work all the time. Not everybody will respond to it for whatever reason. Some people will! I used to Kyusho move to turn some peoples’ legs into jelly (1/10), and they collapsed with no problems. I used the nerve strikes on people and they work on like 7/10 people.

Some people just don’t have weak spots that are affected that easily.

Hell, I can’t even get strangled anymore! Well, not really. I can tense up my neck to the point where I can still breathe, and pressure isn’t put on my windpipe.

There’s even a guy who’s trained himself to withstand getting kicked in the nuts. Wow. I know like 99.9% of guys past puberty go down like a sack of bricks.

There are weak spots on the body you guys, but don’t try relying on “energy blasts” or secret arteries, or nerve strikes or whatever… You can definitely go for them, but there’s no 100% guaranteed spots.

Here’s a short list of weak spots off the top of my head:

  • Eyes
  • Area between upper lip and nose (forgot the name)
  • Solarplexus
  • Nutsack
  • Throat
  • Nerves all over the body (I like nerve strikes, they’re very simple and effective)
  • Thighs – especially the nerves on the legs
  • The inner knees
  • Joints in general
  • Ears
  • Nose
You can basically hit anywhere and make it hurt, but you might as well hit the parts that hurt the most.

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